Stop starting – Start finishing (Lean Kanban Nordic 2013)

13 03 2013


Back to normal again?
Exhausted after 4,5 months of real planning and 2 days performing of the Stop starting – Start finishing (Lean Kanban Nordic) conference at Hilton Slussen, Stockholm

I should really be going into ”Kvinnofängelset” mode and watching bad tv-series now. But I guess I’m in the ”Whatever” zone as Henrik Kniberg stated in his finishing talk.

Too tired & inspired to write any real content now, so STOP READING.
This is just some personal things that no-one should care about. Just once I decided to save these kinds of thoughts on a blog instead on a local not-backed-up disk.

During these months of intensive planning, coordinating, email-communicating, decision-making I have many times wondered – OH WHY!?

WHY didn’t I just say NO?

I have a full time job, two little kids & husband – aka DJ on the conference Open Night, trying to do some cooking sometimes (with or without them), exercising sometimes, meeting friends sometimes, put a little time in other hobbies sometimes, reading & writing sometimes and NO TIME to add conference planning.

Now I know why.

Maybe the same reasons as all the other idealists, crazy people out there, doing all these conferences all the time, over the world.

1. There was really no choice – suddenly you’re just there with the conference date set, and you didn’t know how it happened.

2. There is some mission that you have, that is just stronger than the inbox control robot in your head.

3. Enforcing surroundings from the mates that suddenly also said YES against all their rational mind.

4. The joy you see in many eyes during the conference. Without your no-choice commitment the particular event just wouldn’t have happened.

5. The many new and old friends you have met

6. The opportunity to give away small presents to people you admire in front of a big audience.

7. The draw to keep going out of comfort zone

8. The unavoidable learning you make. By arranging a conference I felt that I was more focused and learned more from the speeches than attending. Also just by arranging the conference you learn about communication, collaboration, organization, planning, trust, emotions, people..

So, to those of you that are in the middle of planning a conference :

YOU have no choice!
And many people will love you for that.

Lots of love to all participants and speakers and DF Kompetens for the Stop starting – Start finishing conference.

And to the sponsors of Open Night, without it, it wouldn’t have been the same conference experience. Thanks Frontit, Athega, KnowIT, IRM & LeanKit!

MAYBE – I will now take up some writing on this blog again. If you find nothing here – you might find something on the SmartBear blog
 I have a hard time deciding when to publish something there or here.. private hobbies & work just doesn’t need to be separated sometimes. Such as enjoying the time with great people at #sssf13 & programme team I can’t really divide in personal or work mates anymore.

See you around!




One response

13 03 2013
Vasco Duarte

Congratulations on the conference. It’s a hard journey, but – in my experience – a very rewarding one!
And thank the family for the support 🙂
Welcome to the Conference Organizers Family 🙂


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