Digital dystopia or salvation

1 04 2016

There is an ad running right now on Swedish TV. It’s Einstein sitting in an armchair with his mobile, playing some kind of stupid game. ”Don’t waste your potential” is the message. I don’t remember the company who made the ad, but the picture is really strong. Thinking of my own smart kids who have a good sense of math and nature science but, too often, as soon as they get the chance, when mummy is not saying no, they choose a stupid game. For entertainment, recreation, spend time, whatever reason.

This ad make me think of them. And their intelligent friends who do the same choice.

Do their screen entertainment, gaming and random spending (wasting) of time, suck out the potential from them? I don’t know yet. They’re just 8 & 10 years old. And to be honest, do the Netflix-frenzy suck the potential out of us, adults?

I see youths with their necks in the iPads during school breaks. What will happen? In 10 years will we only have a million zombies walking around with the next generation iPads not capable of doing anything?

Next day, me and my 10 year old son are in a conversation about a ”peace making machine”. Reasoning with each other. Since Man seem not capable of solving the issues of war, starving, migration, poverty, climate disasters maybe a much more rational intelligence such as a computer could do it?

Knowing too much about computing I sense in my heart that this actually could be true.

Man is stupid. Irrational. Destructive. Egoist.
Machine is rational, logical with so far no destructive characteristics on their own.

To let go to the digital intelligence might be what’s needed to save mankind from destroying itself.  Acting rational and in a logical way there are many solutions to transport, consumption, conflicts, poverty. Man just not do them. Man lack a rational approach and that’s why we see all this misery.

I wish my kid will invent this peace making machine. I think I might be too old myself.

I wish the machine will let people keep being people, with emotions, art, love and all of that but the machine run issues such as economy, international and national politics, climate contracts and conflicts in stead of us.

The HAL experience in 2001 or War Games is less likely to happen than a machine actually being wiser than us,  when they get the power over decisions.

Then we actually might live happily ever after.. growing our own garden, raising cows & chickens for fun and delight, gone fishing.

What do you think?










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