Word of the week: Sustainable

11 06 2014

I was at an organization where the top management changed more or less every year.
At another well reputed organization where some of my friends used to work and deliver good stuff, BAAM, top management changed or it got bought or something and then it changed from a team-oriented organization to a very bureaucratic top-down way of work.

A third one, smaller, same thing happen and within a few months the crew was gone.

At a forth one..  I can give you thousands of stories of companies and organizations who seriously changed in very short time. If these organizations are still successful today, more successful or less successful I don’t know.

At one organization, an academy, not much changed at all, bits and pieces now and then and sometimes a small change could take 250 years. Is this academy successful? 

What are you’re criterias?

The academy keeps, as far as I know, ”delivering” awesome bright students.

The ”team-oriented” to ”top-down bureaucratic” organization I still believe have profit and a loyal customer base.

Some organizations die, some of them turn into something else, better or worse – who is the one to judge? The market?

The market is not always right. Just think about all those seriously successful industries.. which get so much profit, to the cost of humanitary and environmental disasters. Are they successful? They keep selling.

Was the .com era a failure? Oh NOOO way if you ask me! I too was part of ”portal site projects” stopped before launch ‘cause of the crack in the bubble. But .com was successful, don’t you agree?

And for all those companies who might have got sucked in and died within HP or whatever huge enterprise, how long would they have succeeded, how long would their technology have stood up for the seriously high pace of their competitors with much cooler stuff.

What makes a sustainable company? How long will HP be around? SAP? H&M? Twitter..? Myspace?

I think Google will be around for a while. As HP. Will Apple?

But all those ”we have such a cool map/search product, it can draw you a map very easy”.. well they disappeared or live a tiny existance today. 

The owners, the entrepreneurs, they keep going on most of them even after something happened to their baby. Taking what they learned and doing something new, wiser from the previous experience and possible with a contribution to technology development that get injected in someones project somewhere. Or they retire on that sought after palm beach.

What is sustainable? 

Kids are.









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