European women in bikini

1 07 2012

Some reflections for women, about women, after another stay at la plage in life, this time at the Riviera, Côte d’Azur, center of Mediterrian.

I walk down the beautiful beach of Côte d’Azur, seeing all these women in tiny bikinis. Women in the age of 40, 50 and younger of course. Some in the 20’s with beautiful bodies, some with bodies marked by age, food or just as most women look like.

I keep thinking, every time I go to a beach in Sweden, Europe or even far East with lots of western people is how come all these women throw away all their clothes, without thinking, no matter where they are, walking around in their underwear all day? The same women would never ever do this in the city, throw away all their clothes, walking around in their underwear.

It’s not about beauty. Most female bodies have some beauty no matter how big, thin, aged or immature. It’s about integrity I believe.

This strong feeling came to me the first time I visited Malaysia at the age of 25, blonde, thin, proud. When walking down the beaches I just couldn’t imagine walking around in my underwear at a place where most women wore long dresses and veils. What I realized after a couple of beach days in a thin skirt & shirt was that I didn’t even miss my underwear style!!
It was actually very comfortable with my thin light shirt, my thin and beautiful knee-long skirt. Feeling safe, respected, and keeping a sense of integrity and sensuality for the one who’d got my interest enough to see some more.

Even when I got to other more western style beaches in Malaysia and Thailand, I kept my skirt and my long sleeved shirt. Only getting to my (swim) underwear when actually going swimming – still don’t think it’s comfy to swim in a skirt..

In Thailands big and small beaches I noticed I suddenly got tons of more respect from locals, while going to beach bars & restaurants and shops. They talked to me – instead of watching my almost naked body, thinking the same thoughts I can think now walking past all these almost naked women in Côte d’Azur or Swedish archipelago beach – WHY?

Coming back to Sweden I have since then mostly kept this habit, of skirt & shirt or top at the beach. Content enough with my body, I don’t miss showing myself in my underwear for all guys in the world each time I go near water. And sure enough, in a tank top and shorts they will see a lot more of it anyway than in winter time. And also I look a lot better.

Are you in the age of 35+? Have you compared yourself in a nice fitting skirt & top with yourself in a tiny bikini? What do you like most? What do you feel most comfortable with? All of us mature women know that with comfort comes beauty. Why don’t we European women practice this as soon as we come close to water?  Who told you that you need to take your clothes off, no matter age, look, want, feel? I can’t remember someone who told me I have to do that. I also can’t remember myself coming to the decision of ”yeah I must take all my clothes off, otherwise I’m not enjoying the beach.. enough!?

About the tan, I already realized in Malaysia, most of my sharp white line troubles disappeared when I started to wear a variation of clothes at the beach.

Going to Goa, India in the winter of 2005, 5 years after the South East Asian visit, the most westernized place in India I guess, still all European women in tiny bikinis getting loads of attention at the beach. Sometimes I could see 10 or 20 Indian guys standing next to a European woman sunbathing in her tiny underwear, watching, watching for .. hours.  She lying at her sun bed thinking..  what?

Myself comfortable in my thin skirt & shirt, getting a beautiful tan from the strong sun reaching under all my light cloths, being able to talk relaxed to the beach sales people, ordering drinks, walking up & down the beach, mostly smiling. Seeing all these European half naked women, stressed and watched at their sun chairs. I kept thinking WHY. Why do you do it this hard for you when going East? To impose your right to be yourself (?) without clothes?

Believe me, it IS important a woman can dress however she likes, naked or not, without hassling. What I’ve seen in these countries is not hassling naked western women on the beach, just pondering faces and troubles talking with this woman.

My big question is, why?

With all these beautiful fashionable beach clothes available in stores.. the tiny bikini really a concsious choice of yours?

Please let me know, because I don’t know.




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1 07 2012
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