Go see your managers day

2 06 2012

A follow up thought on my previous post on to show some empathy and put yourself in management shoes, to understand what she really cares about and what’s important for her.

A bold and probably a very insightful way of understanding your manager and how to speak with her, is to apply Genba – Go See principle – the other way around. Go See where the action is. Ask your manager if you can come for a ”study visit” 1 or 2 days, to follow her for 2 days as an apprentice just to understand what she’s facing every day and to understand business better.

Not that hard really?

If someone asks you if they can follow you for 1-2 days to learn about your way of working, your delighters and problems, with the purpose of being able to help you in a better way, would you be happy for that question? I would for sure. And I think your manager would too.

The effect I’ve already seen many times – The Go See principle is powerful whenever applied.

Go See your mangers day




One response

3 06 2012
Håkan Forss

Going to the Gemba and see for yourself is a very powerful way to gain insight and better understanding of the real situation. Most people do this far to seldom.



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