Improvement is development

17 03 2012

At my job there is always something to be improved.

As soon as we have achieved something, a price, a delivery, a new customer, whatever, there is always something better.

This could be mistaken for critics. We just achieved this, why do you need something more and better? Sometimes me and my agile fellows probably could be seen for never being content.

And that’s maybe just what development is about? Always always get better at something.

Have you ever met a system developer content with his product? Proud maybe, yes, sometimes, but content?  No. ”It’s poor quality behind the surface”, ”It’s poor usability”, It’s bad code, It’s not what we COULD do if only..

Maybe system developers and people who has been developers, will always be developing. Never stopping. Never content with the product or service. Maybe we need these people to – develop?

To relentlessly improve is to develop business.




One response

26 03 2012
Yasmin Helmersson

Well said! 🙂


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