Wikispeed and Agile @ universities – ALE2011 – Berlin

24 09 2011

2 weeks after wonderful Agile Lean Europe unconference in Berlin, there are many things that stick.

One of the things that stick is WikiSpeed, this lovely project of developing a car going 100 MILES PER GALLON – with a self organizing distributed team with people in a lot of countries contributing to the project. People saying that agile cannot work in distributed teams could pay a visit to WikiSpeed on YouTube.  Thx to Thorsten O Kalning (@vinylbaustein) for giving us a ”everything is possible” mindset.  It’s possible to design and build a car that goes 100 miles per gallon! It’s possible to apply object orientation in car and make modules and parts that can be changed during driving. This is the car I’d love to drive.

Marc Lainez (@mlainez) and a couple of other people asked the question ”Why don’t you speek about agile and Lean at universities?”  I couldn’t find an answer in my head. ”Time?” If you have the time going to conferences or speaking at seminars or in community groups or whatever, you could trade some of that time and spend it sharing experiences and insights you’ve gained with the next generation? Insight gained from a lightning talk – if we don’t share – these students are gonna be our co-workers in a few years and probably we’ll need to first help them to unlearn some waterfall teachings they’ve studied hard to learn in school. (Not ALL university courses are like that of course, but far far too many). Why not start already in school. Share your agile mindset with next generations developers, designers and managers.

After this an idea of an ALE @ university day is forming at ALE Group at Linked In. The idea that is forming is to have a production game  or pair programming session with coaching, connecting students in many European countries online, with the help of students of course.

In the mean time – contact your uni and offer a guest seminar, speech, BDD-session whatever..

Story mapping session in the next post.. now it’s Saturday night right.

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2 responses

12 10 2011
Yasmin Helmersson

I like your blog very much, especially what you wrote here about teaching uni.students about the agile way of working. I’m going to look into that at my local uni. asap.

Keep up the good work on this blog! 🙂

12 10 2011
Ulrika Park

Thank you! It reminds me of some commitments I have done that need to be done – I’ve committed to contact one of the lectors and KTH Media Technology Programme about arranging agile-european virtual games with students and the Agile Sweden conference ”Agila Sverige”. Please share your experiences ahead.


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