Going English

28 04 2011

I love Swedish, everything is so much easier to say in your mother language. And it’s very interesting all this with off-shoring – a bunch of Swedish IT people speaking ”Swenglish” and a bunch of Indian IT guys speaking some sort of Hindi English, trying to understand each other with loads of  prejudices on top of that.

Well, I believe we can overcome this and soon enough start to work globally together for real – teamwork, joint ventures, learning, innovating, creating with the good parts from our different cultures, languages and way of work. Of course with some stumbles and falls on the way.

That’s why this blog is going English. I hope to be part of making the communication gaps out there smaller – between business and IT, between requirement people and developers, between western & eastern people, hopefully with the result of more beautiful and useful systems. Communication, systems and learning is my main passion.

Another reason is to practice my English, if I one day would get an offer to go abroad.  As you’d probably already can see – if your not Swedish or from India.. my English grammatics and vocabulary needs a lot of that!

Thank you for keep following me.





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